Date: 17th June 2002

Marriage Problems For Catherine And Michael?

Newspaper reports seem to suggest that married bliss is not quite so blissful for Hollywood superstars Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas at the moment.

The couple are usually in Los Angeles but are staying in their Majorcan 5 million ($7 million) luxury villa, a place that they use to relax and get away from the constant pressure. The problem seems to be that Michael is often left with their baby Dylan whilst Catherine is keen to get on with her career.

Although they have a nanny on hand all the time Michael isn't impressed with the way that Catherine is restless and would rather be working. The Welsh beauty has reportedly signed a two year contract with communications giant T-Mobile to promote their move into America, the America's Sweethearts (2001) star has the kind of recognition and following that they were looking for.

Source: Press Release



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