Date: 19th August 2002

Charlton Heston Speaks To President

Since announcing that he has the neurological disorder Alzheimer's disease, Charlton Heston has been grateful for the kind wishes that he has received from many people.

He was especially thankful for US President George W Bush who took the time to phone him and wish him all the best. "He wished me well and was proud of what I had done for my country which is, perhaps, overstating it a little."

Nancy Reagan, wife of former President Reagan, offered her sympathy. The former president also suffers from the disease, "She talked to Lydia and to me, and it was really a nice thing for her to have done."

This isn't the first health scare for Charlton and his wife, they have both fought off cancer in the past.

Heston started to gain recognition after appearing in The Greatest Show on Earth and went on to huge success with Ben Hur (1959) in which he portrayed a Jewish prince.

Source: Press Release