Date: 22nd August 2002

Eminem praised for film performance

Eminem is picking up plaudits for his acting in a new film.

Some critics believe he could even be in the running for an Oscar after preview screenings of the movie 8 Mile (2002).

Director Curtis Hanson and co-star Brittany Murphy have also heaped praise on his performance.

Hanson told The Sun: "Eminem knew nothing about acting but he's the definition of the term quick learner."

Murphy said: "Listen to one of his CDs, he plays a number of characters. If a man can do all that, then he can do it ten times better than most people when the camera's there."

Eminem plays a rapper called Jimmy Smith Jr in the film, loosely based on his own early life.

It's due to be released in the US on November 8 and in the UK on January 17.

Source: Press Release