Date: 7th January 2003

Guy Ritchie cameraman stabbed while filming TV show

A cameraman working on Guy Ritchie's new TV show was stabbed after a stunt designed to trap would-be car thieves went wrong.

He was attacked during filming for five's hidden camera show Swag, which was devised by Madonna's film director husband.

Described as "a cross between Police! Camera! Action! and Trigger Happy TV," the series tries to tempt members of the public into committing illegal acts.

The stabbing happened on November 9 when the production team left an expensive car unlocked in a run-down area of London to see if someone would try to steal it. It was rigged to lock automatically and fill up with foam if someone got behind the wheel.

Before long, two youths appeared on the scene in Bow, east London, and let themselves into the car.

When the car began filling with foam, they failed to see the funny side and instead smashed their way out through the window.

Spotting the cameraman filming the incident from across the street, one of the youths allegedly ran over and stabbed him in the leg with a screwdriver.

Paramedics were called and the injured man was taken to hospital for treatment.

A spokesman for five said: "This was an unfortunate incident but happily the cameraman was not seriously injured and he was back at work the next day."

Other stunts planned for the series include placing an advert in a newspaper asking for volunteers to help carry out a bank robbery.