Date: 19th August 2003

Matrix III is in the can

In The Matrix Revolutions, the third and final part of the movie trilogy, hero Neo (Keanu Reeves) gets in contact again with his nemesis Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving).

Due for worldwide release on November 5, The Matrix Revolutions comes with the tagline "everything that has a beginning has an end". And, says the hype, while the second of the trilogy, Reloaded, was about life, "Revolutions will be about death".

A climax of Revolutions will be a 17-minute battle conducted on the scorched earth of the nuclear-ravaged real world, littered with crumbling cathedrals and leading Neo to his true destiny, says 7 days editor Jenny Dillon.

This segment cost about two-thirds of the budget of the first film alone. The Matrix cost $100 million, and took $690 million around the world.

The second and third parts, like the first made in Sydney over 18 months from March 2001, had a budget of more than $460 million.

The original's most ardent fans always thought the revolutionary creation of Andy and Larry Wachowski would be a tough act to follow.

But already Reloaded, released in May this year, has returned $1100 million globally, putting it at number 13 in the list of the top grossing moves of all times in worldwide box office figures.

Producer Joel Silver said that the reason for the release of both movies within six months of each other was that the sequels are not two movies released back-to-back, but one movie cut in half and shown in two parts.

Unlike the Star Wars stories and the never-ending tales of Harry Potter, there will be no fourth Matrix film. "The story the Wachowskis wanted to tell ends at the end of Revolutions," said Joel Silver.

The Daily Telegraph

Source: Press Release