Date: 7th July 2004

Fans spot mistakes in Spider-Man 2

Film fans say they have spotted more than 30 mistakes in the new Spider-Man 2 movie.

Website says there are 33 mistakes making it the third most error-ridden film of the year so far.

They include Spider-Man's mask magically repairing itself after a fight, a scar on Peter Parker's cheek which switches sides and the driver of a police car who suddenly gains a crash helmet during a stunt.

Website owner Jon Sandys stresses that he's not being critical of the film.

He said: "I get some real abuse sometimes from people who think I live to spot mistakes, which honestly isn't the case.

It's just a place to share stuff you've picked up on which others might not have. How many people saw Gladiator but somehow missed the gas canister in the chariot?"