Date: 21st May 2014

Tatum left injured by Foxcatcher.

Channing Tatum has revealed that learning to wrestle has taken a toll on his looks.

The 21 Jump Street star spent at least five months training to prepare for his role as a wrestler in Bennett Miller's dark drama Foxcatcher, the big-screen adaptation of Olympic wrestling gold medallist Mark Schultz's autobiography.

"We wrestled for about five or six months before. I think Mark and I both have cauliflower ear as take-home presents from that, and bad knees," the actor, who played Mark, admitted.

Mark Ruffalo, who portrayed Channing's screen brother, fellow Olympian Dave, added: "Our life became wrestling."

Foxcatcher (2014), which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and is in competition for the Palme d'Or award, stars Steve Carell in a rare non-comic turn, as paranoid schizophrenic millionaire-turned-murderer John du Pont.

"None of it felt like an acting exercise," Steve said. "It was a different experience altogether and I credit Bennett for that."

The director explained: "It was so far outside of his comfort zone. I've never seen Steve do anything that would give any material evidence that he could do this. We just chatted and I heard how he thought and was thinking about the character, and I had a vision for it working."

Bennett, who previously directed Moneyball and Capote, added: "The style of this film and my other films is not so much telling a story as observing a story."

Foxcatcher will be released in the US in November, with a UK release date yet to be announced.

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