Date: 4th December 2000

Michael Caine Supports Pornography

Cockney actor SIR MICHAEL CAINE has come out in support of pornography. The 67-year-old Oscar winner believes there is no logic in banning the material.

He reveals, "If someone says to me 'I'm banning stuff you shouldn't see' the logic doesn't follow through because I say 'Why?' and they say, 'Because it will corrupt you.'"

His latest film, the salacious QUILLS, sees him playing a doctor with a mission to tame sadist pornographer MARQUIS DE SADE. The film has already caused controversy and just missed getting an NC- 17 rating in America.

He adds, "The thing that strikes me is...I was watching some documentary about the history of pornography and one thing interested me: pornography was never censored until the working class were taught to read. Every university had its archives of filth, but they said, 'We're intellectuals, we can look at it, but if you let anyone else look at it they'll all start raping and pillaging.'"


Source: WENN