Date: 10th December 2000

Fun In MacDonalds For Penn, Nolte and Harrelson

Ultra-serious movie stars NICK NOLTE and SEAN PENN aren't known for their playfulness - which is why film fans stared in disbelief as the pair fooled around in a San Francisco, CA, McDONALD'S.

The odd couple and pal WOODY HARRELSON headed for the fast food restaurant for lunch during a break from rehearsing for stage play THE LATE HENRY MOSS, and amused fellow diners after Nolte announced he'd won a free 102 DALMATIANS toy - part of a McDonald's giveaway competition.

According to shocked diners, Nolte jumped up yelling, "I won, I won," after scratching a competition card he was given with his meal. Penn then grabbed the card from his hand and passed it to Harrelson, while Nolte frantically tried to get his card back.

The actors eventually gave up their game and Nolte handed the winning card to a young diner. (KL/NE/NFA)

Source: WENN



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