Date: 17th January 2001

Guy Ritchie Meets Sean Penn

Movie director GUY RITCHIE was speechless when he bumped into MADONNA's first husband SEAN PENN in a Los Angeles, California hotel.

Ritchie was in the middle of an interview with TIME magazine's JESS CAGLE at the FOUR SEASONS hotel on Monday (15JAN01) when his wife's ex, who was there to promote his new movie THE GIFT, interrupted to say hello.

Cagle says Ritchie was petrified, explaining "Guy looked at him as if he thought, `I know that guy,' and then he thought, `It's Sean Penn and you used to be married to my wife, and you beat people up sometimes.' "Sean complimented Guy on the trailer for SNATCH and Guy turned bright red. There was no mention of Madonna, but Sean said, `Say hello, and congratulations'." And now the pair just can't seem to get away from each other - they're both booked to appear on American TV's TODAY show this morning (17JAN01). (KL/WNV/KW)

Source: WENN