Date: 10th September 2000

Irish Farmer's Love For Oliver Reed's Widow

A Wealthy Irish farmer has spoken of his love for actor OLIVER REED's widow JOSEPHINE.

Bachelor WALTER RYAN-PURCELL never actually met GLADIATOR star Reed - who died whilst filming in Malta last year (99). He says, "We've been together a few months and are very happy. We met through mutual friends. Josephine is a wonderful person. We both live near the same village and have interests in common." He adds,"I didn't know either Josephine or Ollie. I didn't know Josephine until we met through friends a few months ago. One never knows what will happen. I don't want to talk too much about our relationship because it is personal."

Walter lives in an historic family home where he runs a self-catering tourist resort in the grounds.


Source: WENN



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