Date: 11th April 2001

Stallone's Panned Get Carter Remake Tops DVD Sales

SYLVESTER STALLONE's GET CARTER (2000) remake is the top-selling DVD in America - despite being deemed too poor for cinematic release in the rest of the world.

After a series of critical pannings and embarrassing box office figures in America, the film was relegated to screen releases in the weaker markets of nations such as Turkey, Malaysia, Kuwait and the Czech Republic - with Britain missing out totally.

The WARNER BROTHERS movie, whose original 1971 version starred British actor MICHAEL CAINE, was relegated to near obscurity after its shocking failure last year (00).

Over $40 million (26.6 million) was invested in the film, which grossed just $6.6 million (4.4 million) during its American opening weekend in October (00), eventually ending its short and dismal stint on the United States' screens with takings tallying a shameful $14.9 million (9.9 million). (RGS/WN/NFA)

Source: WENN



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