Date: 4th June 2001

Vaughn Enters Bar Brawl Plea

SWINGER (1995) star VINCE VAUGHN has agreed to steer clear of bars in an American city, following a bar-room brawl that ended with the stabbing of actor STEVE BUSCEMI.

Lawyers for Vaughn and screenwriter SCOTT ROSENBERG entered Alford pleas - which are treated the same as "guilty" pleas, but without admitting guilt - in Wilmington District Court on Thursday (31MAY01).

Vaughn, 31, and Rosenberg, 38, were arrested on the 12 April (01) outside the FIREBELLY LOUNGE in Wilmington, America while they were there filming DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE (2001), co-starring JOHN TRAVOLTA. Buscemi - who reportedly tried to break up the brawl - was stabbed in the face, throat and arm during the melee.

Local resident TIMOTHY FOGERTY, 21, was charged with assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill, after witnesses told police he instigated the brawl and allegedly stabbed Buscemi.

The charges against Vaughn and Rosenberg - who didn't appear in court - may be dropped within six months, according to the WILMINGTON STAR newspaper. But the pair were ordered to stay clear of Wilmington bars, undergo alcohol assessments, pay court costs and fines and return to court in January (02) to have the charges dismissed. (MCM/WNWR)

Source: WENN



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