Date: 9th June 2001

Pretty Woman Gets Fat

Oscar-winning beauty JULIA ROBERTS had a ball on the set of her new film - freaking people out with her increased bulk. The PRETTY WOMAN (1990) star wears a fat suit for two flashbacks in her upcoming movie AMERICA's SWEETHEARTS (2001).

CO-star and director BILLY CRYSTAL says, "We get to see her heavy twice in the film. The first time she wore facial appliances and a fat suit. I didn't recognise her. He continues, "With two chins, big boobs and ED ASNER's ass - Julia had a field day. "She'd go up to unsuspecting crew members and flirt with them until they realized what was going on. "

Roberts reacted to the news of the fat suit by saying, "Oh, this will be fun to be a fat girl for a while. " But she says being fat isn't new to her, explaining, "I used to be heavier. I used to be roundish, curvaceous like in MYSTIC PIZZA (1988). "I had an OREO fetish. I was big and I felt uncomfortable with myself. I had a low self esteem. I was not that girl. " (MB/BAZ/NFA)

Source: WENN



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