Date: 14th August 2001

American Pie 2 Sets An American Record

Freshly-released movie AMERICAN PIE 2 (2001) savoured sweet success this weekend (10-12AUG01), grossing an estimated $45. 1 million (34. 6 million) in America - setting a record for an R-rated comedy.

The JASON BIGGS -led movie cut ahead of last week's (ends03AUG01) box office topper, RUSH HOUR 2 (2001), which fell to number two with $31. 5 million (24. 2 million). Of this week's (beg13AUG01) top six films, three are sequels and one is a remake. AC-NIELSEN analyst TOM BORYS says,

"These films have a built-in audience with a demand to see them. " Despite the smutty antics in American Pie 2, the teen sex comedy attracted a 53 per cent female audience, with 67 per cent of the crowd aged under 25.

The movie made more than double the 1999 original's $18. 7 million (14. 3 million) debut, a sign that the film's R-rating did not hurt ticket sales. American Pie 2 had the biggest opening for an R-rated film, after HANNIBAL (2001), which opened taking $58 million (44. 6 million). (RGS/U/RP)

Source: WENN