Date: 30th September 2001

Helen Hunt Finds Love

AS GOOD AS IT GETS (1997) star HELEN HUNT is back in the arms of her ex-lover MATTHEW CARNAHAN - and friends say the couple couldn't be happier. Helen was devastated when her marriage to HANK AZARIA crumbled last year.

But the 38-year-old actress has now fallen in love again with Matthew, the blond hunk she romanced over a decade ago. A pal says, "They're back together and very close. Helen's obviously crazy about Matthew. When they're not making out, she nestles against him and nibbles his neck. "

Carnahan is a writer and producer and is also on the rebound, having filed for divorce in March (01) from his wife of six years, ELIZABETH. Helen and Matthew first met in New York a decade ago and carried on a bicoastal romance. But distance and career demands kept them apart, although they remained close friends.

Ex-wife Elizabeth's mother AILEEN SELDES says, "I was surprised when Matthew took up with Helen again. But he and Elizabeth were already split up by that time, so it's his business. " (SVD/TG/IG)

Source: WENN