Date: 24th January 2001

Nicholson Returns To Movies

Movie star JACK NICHOLSON is making a return to movies after a four-year absence.

The balding 63-year-old's last film was the Oscar winning AS GOOD AS IT GETS. Since then he has only been seen on television at various LOS ANGELES LAKERS basketball games, and tabloid shows reporting his dalliances with LARA FLYNN BOYLE.

He explains, "I think it's only two years. I did take a year off because I do that from time to time. Then you take six to eight months to make a deal. Then you make the movie and the movie comes out. It's not that long, but I'm delighted that you're paying attention."

Nicholson was also pleased to link up with CROSSING GUARD director SEAN PENN. He says, "One of the great things about working with Sean is the material that he chooses is you're not in competition with a blue screen or a dog or any of those things that make up the successful movies of the moment. "He's interested in humanity and human observation and the style of the scripts that I've done with Sean, as you read them knowing you're craft means that they're going to draw on the best of what you do." (RXM/WN/PDD)

Source: WENN



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