Date: 7th May 2002

Halle Stands By Nude Scenes

Halle Berry has defended the graphic sex scenes that adorn her new film Monster's Ball (2001) - because there are so many worse things in Hollywood.
Berry won a Best Actress Academy Award for her role in the racial drama, but some of her love scenes with Billy Bob Thornton were so intense that American censors cut them.
She says, "You know, it's such a contradiction."
"In America, people are happy to watch a film in which someone
blows someone else's head off, but these same people have a problem watching the most natural thing in the world - people making love."

And although she feared she'd find filming the contentious scenes difficult, Halle actually grew as a performer from her experiences.
She adds, "I was able to get to a place where I wasn't one bit
concerned about what I looked like. I completely shed all those
inhibitions, and it was really cathartic."

Source: WENN



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