Date: 14th November 2002

Guy Ritchie admits film is a flop

Guy Ritchie has admitted that his latest film starring wife Madonna is widely regarded as a flop.
He says Swept Away will go straight to video in the UK because American critics have "kicked the sh**" out of them.

But the director says he still believes it's a good film and its bad reviews have left him shaking his head.

His outburst came as he addressed University students at the Oxford Union, reports The Sun.

Guy said: "It won't be released here because it's s***.

The idea was that the wife and I would make some sassy little art movie, but we got the s*** kicked out of us.

"It broke records in America. It must be the first film to make front page news with a review. I think 21 papers in America ran a story on how appalling it was.

We had the absolute faeces kicked out of us. But I've got to say, I still think it's a good film. I'm left shaking my head - make up your own minds about it."

Source: Press Release