Date: 13th March 2014

Jeremy Irons: Batman vs. Superman script unfinished.

Jeremy Irons says he has yet to read the final script for 'Batman vs. Superman,' in which he will take on the role of Alfred alongside Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne/Batman.

The 65 year old British actor was quizzed on the matter by Absolute Radio, and he seemed excited to get cracking on the Warner Bros/DC superhero epic - but it seems he's either in the dark regarding the fine details, or unwilling to divulge specifics.

Asked how his take on Batman's butler would differ from previous incarnations, Irons replied, "I don't know how my Alfred's going to be; I wait to see."

"We haven't started work yet... The script isn't entirely finished yet. So it'll be as much a surprise for me as for you, probably."

He later clarified, "I've read a script; I think it's not finalised yet."

Given the shoot for the 'Man of Steel' sequel is said to have already begun (though evidently without Irons' involvement thus far), it probably should come as a disappointment to learn the script is not yet complete.

Alas, as most film fans are well aware, it's hardly unusual for films to go into production without a finalised script, and for rewrites to go on throughout the production.

Source: Press Release