Date: 12th January 2001

Hollywood Stars Brace Themselves For Strike

Hollywood stars are scrambling to make as many films as possible in the next few months before the forthcoming strike - which could bring Tinseltown to a standstill. Almost all of Hollywood may literally shut down after June 30 (01) as actors fight for a larger share of the profits made from their work and writers bid for more control.

CAST AWAY star TOM HANKS says he's hoping a strike can be avoided, insisting, "We've got five months to try and work something out.". But SHAFT star SAMUEL L JACKSON admits he, for one, is shooting as many projects as possible before the deadline. Activist TIM ROBBINS, who will be among the strikers, adds, "This isn't about super rich actors wanting a bigger cut. This is about those on the minimum wage." (LE/WNV/CPT)

Source: WENN