Date: 12th September 2000

SCARY MOVIE' - Snatches £2.9Million AND the # 1 Spot At the UK Box Office

Miramax/Dimension Films ‘Scary Movie’ grossed £2.9million in its first four days of release as it stole the # 1 spot away from Guy Ritchie’s “SNATCH” after only week. The average amount of money taken per screen was a staggering £6000 and the film had the second highest opening ever in the UK for an 18 Certificate movie.

When ‘Scary Movie’ opened in America it took $42.5million and has since gone on to gross over $150million making it one of the surprise smash hits of the year.

‘Scary Movie’ is a parody of modern horror films and some of the films spoofed include: “Scream”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “The Blair Witch Project”, “The Sixth Sense” and “The Matrix.”

‘Scary Movie’ was written and directed by the Wayans Brothers who were recently seen as hosts at the MTV Music Awards in America. The Wayans have since been commissioned by Miramax/Dimension Films to write and direct a sequal to ‘Scary Movie’.

The film is supported by a website, found at Where you can check out the film and some sick apps!

‘SCARY MOVIE’ (Certificate 18) is a raucous, gross-out comedy that rocks the horror, thriller, and teen movie genre, leaving no film “unspoofed.” This twisted story, filled with horrifying surprises, great-looking but dim-witted teenagers and outrageous humour, blows the lid off the horror movie genre. ‘SCARY MOVIE’ has already grossed-out the American box-office to the tune of $150million and now looks set to do the same in the UK.

Source: Buena Vista