Date: 18th September 2000

Fawcett Hates Hunky Gynaecologists

Former CHARLIE'S ANGELS pin-up FARRAH FAWCETT hates trips to the gynaecologist - especially if he's as hunky as RICHARD GERE.

Fawcett stars in upcoming film DR. T & THE WOMEN as the wife of gorgeous gynaecologist RICHARD GERE. But in real life she laughs, "I don't think I would go to one if he looked like Richard Gere. I try to not even make eye contact with my doctor. "You know the sheet's up there and sometimes he's talking and I don't even hear what he's saying. I just want it to be over, be over, be over."

And she adds of gynaecologists' tools, "
That instrument has not changed since it was invented. Now I think it can be made of something less invasive than metal.

"They have things now don't they, suitcases you drop from the airplane and they don't break. So surely we wouldn't break one of those, would we girls?" (RXM/WN/JM)

Source: WENN



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