Date: 27th September 2000

X Files Star Fears The Movies

GILLIAN ANDERSON's X-FILES character has experienced many bizarre encounters - but nothing worried the actress more than making her new movie.

The 32-year-old star, famed for her role as SCULLY in the hit sci-fi show, has recently completed filming movie THE HOUSE OF MIRTH.

Although it was panned by some critics - rejected by both the Cannes and Venice film festivals - it was embraced by the Toronto film festival, leaving many in the audience sobbing.

She says, "There is so much potential for diasappointment in this business. And it is very difficult to watch myself. "It is easy on the show. I have gotten used to seeing my bl**dy mug up there doing the same old thing and I can just relax. "But seeing myself do other stuff is really difficult. It was extra difficult in this film because it was the hardest I have ever worked on and the most difficult role."


Source: WENN