Date: 11th April 2001

Christina Ricci's Yelling Paranoia

CHRISTINA RICCI is on anti-depressants so she can go shopping without fretting that the shop assistants are going to yell at her.

The SLEEPY HOLLOW (1999) actress has been in therapy since she was six-years-old, when her parents divorced, and has struggled with eating disorders and depression ever since. These days Ricci's got most of her problems under control - apart from a fear that people will yell at her when she's out shopping.

She explains, "I take WELLBUTRIN because I'm afraid to go to stores. I'm afraid people are going to yell at me. I used to be afraid to go anywhere by myself because I thought people were going to yell at me. "In New York I couldn't take the subway because I'd get so nervous at the tollbooth, I'd do something stupid and the tollbooth people would yell at me. I couldn't handle it. I take Wellbutrin to make me more able to slip through." (SVD/ML/RP)

Source: WENN