Date: 16th September 2000

Elizabeth Hurley A Natural Devil

English rose ELIZABETH HURLEY makes a perfect devil in her new movie BEDAZZLED - and she's sparking excitement in the fashion world with her sexy wardrobe. The sultry actress' portrayal of SATAN in the remake of the 1967 comedy which starred DUDLEY MOORE and PETER COOK, is set to spark fashion trends of kinky stilettos, studded collars and bedroom-play costumes like NAUGHTY MAID outfits.

The film's costume designer DEENA APPEL reckons Hurley is devilishly good as the stylish LUCIFER. She explains, "The pleasure in making the devil a woman was that, unlike the original film, in which seven separate characters played the deadly sins, here envy, lust and greed can be embodied by one person - and Elizabeth was perfect to make the vices edgy and sexy."

She adds, "The goal in dressing her was to use lots of leather, fur and snakeskin - which all embody decadence." One American fashion survey raves, "If Hurley's stylish turn as Lucifer is anything to go by, we'll be going to the devil in high-style. She's a glammy rock-and-roll sex goddess."


Source: WENN



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