Date: 12th August 2001

Edward Furlong Suicidal

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) star EDWARD FURLONG's downward spiral is continuing into a self-destructive suicidal tendency. Worried friends report young star is on a morbid bent that has him talking about ending it all, and his loved ones are panicked.

He left a message on one pal's answer machine saying, "I just want to die, I can't take it anymore. " A friend says, "Eddie calls when he know friends aren't at home and leaves rambling incoherent messages about his life winding down. He's just 24. "

In May (01) Furlong, who also starred in AMERICAN HISTORY X (1998), ended up in a Los Angeles emergency room with an apparent drug overdose. (SVD/TS/NFA)

Source: WENN