Date: 4th January 2001

Terminator Star Kicks The Bottle

Actor EDWARD FURLONG has put his career back on the right track by kicking his heavy drinking habit.

Following his success with TERMINATOR 2 in which he played LINDA HAMILTON's screen son. Furlong, 22, started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in 1997 and spent time in a 500-a-night ($757.80) treatment centre.

Now he just occasionally sips a glass of wine and says, "The past year has been a revelation to me, waking up with a clear head every day. "You do crazy things from time to time when you are young. Who doesn't? But then you look around and see how you could end up and that is scary."

Co-star ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER says that he hopes TERMINATOR 3 will get under way in the summer (01). The budget is said to have already topped 100 million ($151m). (PDD/WNWCAN)

Source: WENN



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