Date: 11th April 2002

Classic Caine Film - The Italian Job, To Be Remade

The cult sixties classic Italian Job, The (1969), it has been confirmed is due to be remade. Variety has reported the Michael Caine film is to start shooting in August, starring Mark Wahlberg.

Fans of the original have been dreading this news for a long time as rumours have been going around Hollywood for some years. Their fears have now been realised that the 1969 film shot in England and Italy and featuring one of the greatest car chases of all time is to be remade - in Los Angeles.

Originally a light hearted comedy style film will be remade in a blockbuster action style featuring a large traffic jam once again to make the heist possible.

Whether it will flop as spectacularly as the last Caine remake, Get Carter (2000) starring Sylvester Stallone, remains to be seen.




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