Date: 11th February 2001

Jim Carrey Spends His Way Out Of Heartbreak

Funnyman JIM CARREY has gone on a wild spending spree to overcome his depression at splitting from RENEE ZELLWEGER.

The LIAR LIAR star, who broke up with Zellweger just before Christmas(00), has spent the last few months spending millions of dollars on extravagant gifts for himself, family and friends.

A close friend reveals, "Jim's gone totally bonkers. He told me that buying things for people makes him feel a million bucks." And Carrey, whose recent purchases include a $41 million (29 million) Gulfstream jet, $10,000 (71,400) flat screen TVs for every room in his house and four $90,000 (64,200) PORSCHE sports cars for his managers, just can't seem to stop spending.

The friend adds, "He brought his brother John a new car and is filling his sister RITA's house with gifts. "When a little old lady came up to him at a restaurant and asked for an autograph for her grandson, he picked up the tab for the woman's party, then bought a round of drinks for the house. "Jim's just gone crazy. He may have played the GRINCH in the movies, but in real life he's turned into some kind of manic SANTA CLAUS." (LE/TG/KW)

Source: WENN



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