Date: 18th July 2001

Denis Keeps His Kit On With Liz

Top comedian DENIS LEARY was terrified of his sex scenes with Brit babe eLIZabeth HURLEY in their new movie.

Despite reports that the two stars had a romance on the set of new comedy DOUBLE WHAMMY (2001), the film's director said there was little chemistry between the two. tOM DECILLO said,

"Denis was terrified of taking his clothes off during the love scene. When the camera rolled for that particular sequence, Liz was very professional and disrobed but Denis wouldn't even take hisshirt off. "

"I was like, 'Denis, what's the problem?', but he was adamant that he was keeping his shirt on. Apparently his body got a bad write-up in a review for his last film. "

"Then I read all these newspaper stories saying that Liz and Denis were a couple. I was really upset because I thought Liz and I had something good going on!" (NB/WN/RP)

Source: WENN