Date: 5th November 2000

Madonna Blasts Morton

Pop legend MADONNA has ordered family and friends to keep their mouths shut - after learning that controversial author ANDREW MORTON plans to write a book on her.

The singer, lover of SNATCH director GUY RITCHIE, is said to be livid that "snivelling little worm" Morton wants to publish an unauthorised biography on her. The MUSIC star says, "How dare he invade my privacy ? I don't want anyone speaking to that snivelling little worm." A friend of the singer says, "When she learned several weeks ago that she was to be Morton's next target she was very uncomfortable. She despises what he does."

Morton, who made millions with his biographies of PRINCESS DIANA and DAVID and VICTORIA BECKHAM believes a warts-and-all tale of Madonna's life would be a sure-fire hit.


Source: WENN



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