Date: 19th May 2001

Madonna To Make Guy Babysit While She Tours

MADONNA's husband GUY RITCHIE will be hitting the road with his wife next month (JUN01) - as the chief babysitter.

Ritchie had planned to stay in Hollywood to work on his next movie, THE MEAN MACHINE, but the DON'T TELL ME singer has insisted the SNATCH (1999) filmmaker accompanies her to look after their son, ROCCO on her world tour.

Madonna's tour kicks off in Barcelona, Spain, on 9 June (01). The DROWNED WORLD TOUR, the singer's first big tour since 1993, will also make European stops in Milan, Italy, Paris, France, and London, England, before moving to America in late July (01). (RGS/TS/ES)

Source: WENN



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