Date: 25th October 2000

Zeta Jones Tempts Fate With Movie Marriage Sham

CATHERINE ZETA JONES is tempting fate with her new movie role - because she plays the estranged wife in a disastrous celebrity marriage.

The actress, who weds MICHAEL DOUGLAS next month (18NOV00), will play HIGH FIDELITY co-star JOHN CUSACK's wife in AMERICAN SWEETHEART, but she'll be hoping her real-life celebrity love match works out better than her character's.

The couple split up and their publicist, played by BILLY CRYSTAL, tries to spin a tale that they're still happy together. The comedy will also star JULIA ROBERTS as Cusack's sister and ROBERT DOWNEY JR as the Welsh actress' lover. Meanwhile, Zeta Jones is being hotly tipped to star as opera diva MARIA CALLAS in the movie adaptation of NICHOLAS GAGE's love story between Callas and ARISTOTLE ONASSIS. (KL/U/JM)

Source: WENN



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